Monday, May 24, 2010

The Femivore Mystique

The Femivore MystiqueBy skirtSteph, Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 2 comments:
There was an article in the NY Times over the weekend about how the new trend for stay-at-home moms is to become a locavore, a farmer of sorts, a chicken raiser. Pretty fascinating. They're calling it Femivorism.
Definition of Femivorism: "Women feeding their families clean, flavorful food; reducing their carbon footprints; producing sustainably instead of consuming rampantly."
I can't tell if Peggy Orenstein is making fun of these women, saying that they're trying to find more meaning and purpose in their stay-at-home lives by creating vegetable gardens, becoming educated about where their food comes from, making their own household items or what? It's like that show Colonial House or a return to Little House on the Prairie. How interesting that we're starting to revert to the more chore-ful ways of our foremothers. It seems, to these women, technology and innovations in food production are not all we thought they were cracked up to be.
I couldn't help wondering though, Is this just another way for women to compete with each other? Like a "my garden patch is better than yours" showdown in the carpool lane? Or will we begin to overhear, "What are you feeding your kid? Grocery-store food? Well, I have gone off the grid. I made the bread in their lunches and slaughtered the chicken in their chicken nuggets."
Femivores are women who are trying to make their home "self-sustaining, the center of labor and livelihood for both sexes." These women are canning peaches, growing kale, making soap, etc. I think it's wonderful, but worry that it could become a way for women to separate themselves. We already have the stay-at-home mom vs. working mom divide. Will this be a stay-at-home farmer mom vs. stay-at-home regular mom chasm that women can't cross? Read More...


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