Saturday, August 21, 2010

Famous Economic Hitman at Omega

The Omega Institute, in Rhinebeck, New York, is an amazing place. You can get away from the world there. It's totally isolated, with very little contact with the outside world. Oh, of course you can take your cell phone and stay on it constantly and defeat the whole purpose of the experience, but most people don't. They may take them, but usage is allowed only in a few areas, so things tend to stay pretty mellow.Even to use a computer, you have to trek to the cafe. And it can be a trek, as the campus is large and hilly.

All the food is locally grown and vegetarian. And it's absolutely delicious. Meat-eaters don't feel deprived. They even have their own, totally unpolluted water supply. Also wonderful.  It's beautiful, and peaceful, and the wild animals have been so unharmed by humans for so long that you almost have to shove them out of the way. There are lots of birds, rabbits, woodchucks, and groundhogs.

There's always something going on. You can go there to take a class in an unbelievably wide variety of subjects, ranging from alternative things of every type you can imagine from medicine to music, but also things that relate to politics and global affairs. Everything is aimed toward making the world a better place for everyone.

There is a Wellness Center, and your can go to Omega without taking any classes at all, just for a relaxation getaway, like the most wonderful spa retreat, and be pampered and massaged have life coaching, see a psychic, or just lie in a hammock by the lake. There are always activities that everyone can go to, whether they are taking classes or not: yoga, dance, lectures on a wide variety of subjects, music, and a wonderful library. It's a wonderful joyful experience.

When you're taking a class, the facilities on the wooded campus are so widely separated that you feel as though what you're doing is the only thing going on. No noise from anything else, but at mealtimes, in the dining hall, you realize how many other people are there. To give you an idea of the variety of what's available, when I went last summer to take an energy medicine course, John Perkins, famous author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, was also there giving a class. Here is an interview with John:


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