Friday, April 2, 2010


I cannot believe this jerk had me so sucked in. He actually made me believe, stringing me along for two days that I was going to pay for his program by advertising it for him, and I imagine I would have, if it even works.

But after day two, of one time-wasting screwup after another (and we all know time is money, don't we boys and girls) this absolute S%$T tells me he has bad news and his program (I had already bought one the night before, after a free trial, that cost more than his) is going to cost me up front as well.

After buying Photoshop, Illustrator NetObjects Fusion and the like for years (and upgrades every year) his program would have been the merest nothing. But my guess is that anybody who has to resort to tactics like that to sell something is selling NOTHING.

More power to him. I'm sure he sucks in people every day and makes lots of lovely money. But for what I charge an hour, and the amount of time I wasted on him, he can go P%&S up a rope. Go ahead check him out for yourself. It's worth the laugh.


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