Friday, July 23, 2010

Goddamn Google ( &Microsoft as an Afterthought)

I cannot believe that Google just ate an entire post that I wrote. And quite a long one. I guess that will teach me, yet again--I just can't seem to learn--not to trust Google for any degree of reliability in their ever more frenzied attempt to dominate the internet, now that they actually have the drop on Microsoft, who (which--amazing how we tend to anthropomorphize these monstrous corporate entities) totally overlooked what was happening on the net in their pursuit of other unsavory things.

A word of caution, they are about to release their catch-up Windows Live Platform. I donloaded the Beta the minute it became awailable and it immediately took over my computer, offered to upload my whole life to their little database in the sky via my calendar and contacts program, and within minutes I received a message from facebook that Microsoft had hacked my account. (Exact terminology.)

 Be Ware, my children, be very, very ware. I suspect that Windows Users (fair to say the bulk of the world's computer users?) will simply have this shoved or snuck down their throats as some kind of "upgrade." So, protect yourself against it, because even though I, of course immediately changed the necessary passwords, etc. and removed every last vestige that I could find, from my computer, every time I turn on my Calendar/contacts program I have to answer "no" to a dialogue box (that I can't get rid of) I don't want my entire life and all my daily activities not only posted on the Internet but scrutinized by Microsoft--not that I don't imagine they're doing that anyway.

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